Monday, April 30, 2012

Tulips...err Daffodils 2012

The day after my birthday, Darby and I headed to the Tulip Festival. Fortunately, there were not many people at the fields. That's probably because there were no tulip fields in bloom... But there were lots of daffodils!
The daffodils were beautiful and it was nice not to fight the crowds. It was even warm enough to roll down the windows as we drove to Roozengarde! At least their demonstration gardens had some tulips :)
We are so lucky to live just a quick drive away from so much beauty!

Birthday 2012: Friends, Bikes, Glitter, Sunshine, Bowling, Roller Skating

My birthday this year was pretty spectacular! All thanks to some stellar friends :) Jackie made me this yummy orange chocolate cake:
I started the Cascade Training Series with a 26 mile loop from Magnuson Park to Seward Park and back. This was the first time I'd done that ride, or ever been to that latter. It was sunny and gorgeous out. Perfect cycling weather! And it was so fun to get out with a big group of cyclists. Now that I've been at it for about a month, my confidence and abilities have really grown. My morning surprise before my ride:
The CTS riders:
When I came home, I was treated to a lovely brunch made by Maria. Salmon eggs benedict and mimosas. SO GOOD!! After cleaning up, Kacey came over and we started getting glitterfied! The theme of the party was glitter. Miranda, Dustin, and Darby stopped by with presents and cupcakes, too. Miranda's cupcakes. They had marshmallow filling!
Pretty Pike Place flowers from Miranda. They make the prettiest bouquets!
Maria started getting glitterfied, and Jason came over, too. Maria, Jason, Kacey and I drove to Lynnwood Bowl and Skate. Lots of friends, food, and delicious cupcakes made by Dianne!
Cupcakes: cappuccino, peanut butter chocolate, and oreo. The oreo were the most popular.
After dinner, we all headed to the bowling lanes :)
And then we went rollerskating, but there are no pics of that because we were all too excited about it. And it's kind of hard to move around on skates AND take photos. We headed to The Hurricane and ate crappy breakfast food. Picked up Joey on the way there. I asked him to wear my sparkle bow tie and suspenders. So cute!
This is outfit:
And when we got home, my friend Rachel had left amazingly delicious triple chocolate cupcakes!
All in all, it was a great weekend! Gorgeous weather, sweet friends, yummy treats, cycling, bowling, roller skating, crappy late night food (it's sort of a tradition now). Fun, fun!